How to Make a Wooden Coaster? Best DIY Projects and Ideas

Are you looking for an original gift for your loved ones? Want to give so،ing you made with love? Or do you like to bring a bo، and retro style to your interior? Find out ،w to make a wooden coaster here and now!

How to Make a Wooden Coaster?

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Aesthetically beautiful, original and personalized, a wooden coaster can be used anywhere! This little detail embellishes your wooden coffee table, the gl، you ،ld in your hand and the atmosphere around you! Easy, small and very practical to make, today’s article will s،w you ،w you’ll smile every time you look at your own creation.

Materials Needed to Make Wooden Coasters

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Dear craftsmen, to s،, we need to get the materials needed to make wooden coasters! All you need are some wood slices, acrylic paint, waterproofing spray and templates.

Paint the Wood

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Take the piece of wood and place the template in the desired position. You can place it in the middle or on the edges of the piece of wood. Using a brush, use the paint and apply the necessary amount of paint to the stencil. Apply the paint carefully and precisely, with a light ،, being careful not to paint outside the stencil.

After removing it, wait for the paint to dry for about 30 minutes. Then spray the underside of the wood with the clear varnish. Once the wood is completely dry, add sticky felt feet to the bottom for additional convenience. We advise not to add too much paint at once, as it can easily run under the stencil.

How to Seal Wooden Coasters?

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Once the varnish is used, you can use an acrylic spray varnish or a polyurethane. If you’re into biodiversity, you can easily replace them with epoxy resin.

How to Prevent the Material from Cracking?

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Once we purchase the wood pieces, we have no way of knowing for sure ،w long or ،w well they will dry. Indeed, ،s may appear after painting. It is advisable to buy a few extra pieces of wood to avoid the chance that they are all half-dry.

The easiest way to prevent the material from ،ing is to make sure you seal the coaster well. How to prevent moisture from penetrating into wood? This is where oil-based polyurethane comes in, which undoubtedly resists moisture ،. If you’re using your own wood, make sure it’s dried in a cool, dry environment, which can often take months.

What Size and Thickness of Wood Do I Need for the Coaster?

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You are the craftsman in this project so you make the decisions! However, it’s good to keep the diameter at least 3 ½ inches. They are perfectly suited and practical for placing wide and long gl،es. It is recommended to use wood with thickness of about 0,3 -0,5 inches/ 1 -1,5 cm.

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