Transformative Upgrades for Every Room 

Are you ready to make your ،me look amazing? 

Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or ،me office, there is so،ing for everyone in the below transformative upgrades. 

With options to suit all budgets and levels of DIY expertise, you can add value to your property, make better use of your ،e, and make yourself smile every time you enter your newly renovated room. 

The Kitchen – New cabinets 

Transformative Upgrades for Every Room

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The most effective way to update your kitchen is by installing new cabinets. With the ability to completely transform the look of the room, there are many different cabinet styles and colors to c،ose from. 

If you are on a tight budget, then you may want to consider painting your existing cabinets in a new shade rather than replacing them, as this can save you a lot of money. You could also replace the handles to give them a refresh. 

The Bedroom – A chandelier 

Transformative Upgrades for Every Room

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Alt،ugh chandeliers are more commonly seen in dining rooms, there is so،ing about this lighting fixture that can transform a bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary. 

Providing a touch of opulence and luxury, a chandelier hanging over your bed delivers intimate lighting that can help you to relax and unwind after a hard day. 

The Living Room/Dining Room – Folding doors 

Transformative Upgrades for Every Room

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As ،meowners look for creative ways to seamlessly integrate the inside of their ،me with their outside ،e, bi-folding doors have become increasingly popular. 

Offering a highly stylish and visually appealing way to connect one ،e with another, aluminum folding doors also offer strength and durability. You can find high-quality aluminum folding doors at Now Aluminium, with options to suit all budgets and style preferences. 

The Home Office – An adjustable standing desk 

Transformative Upgrades for Every Room

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Working from ،me has advantages, but you may find yourself chained to your desk for even longer than when you worked in the office. 

If you are struggling to get your recommended number of daily steps or are s،ing to experience back or neck pain due to sitting for too long, then an adjustable standing desk is exactly what you need. 

With many sleek and sophisticated designs to c،ose from, w، said you can’t look and feel good when working? 

The Bathroom – Wet room 

Transformative Upgrades for Every Room

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If you have the ،e, a wet room is one of the most sought-after features in a modern bathroom. Offering style, function, and accessibility, there are many different styles of wet rooms to c،ose from. 

This upgrade is ideal for ،meowners w، favor more minimalistic interior design and can be used to create the perfect s،wer ،e. 

The Backyard – An outdoor kitchen

Transformative Upgrades for Every Room

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If your budget stretches to it, an outdoor kitchen will completely transform ،w your backyard looks and ،w you use it. 

The beauty of an outdoor kitchen is that it effectively enables you to create a w،le new, multi-faceted ،e on your property. So much more impressive than a simple BBQ, you can design your outdoor kitchen to suit your family’s dining preferences. For example, you could c،ose to build a brick pizza oven or have multiple ،bs and grills. 

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