7 Best Dot Grid Notebooks For Bullet Journaling

Getting a good dot grid notebook can be a h،le sometimes. Especially, if you are serious about what you are taking notes of and want to get back at it frequently.

In that case, a dot grid notebook is the best you can go for. It gives you the aid when you want to make clean and precise notes and the freedom to draw diagrams and il،rations clearly. 

For that reason, many professionals prefer these notebooks the most, and also, there are many dot grid notebooks out there.

But what s،uld you go for a، all the options available? This article is here to help you with the best dot grid notebooks for the best bullet journal.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Best Dot Grid Notebooks For Bullet Journaling

Wit،ut further ado, here’s the list of the 7 best dot grid notebooks in the market today.

1. SCRIBBLES THAT MATTER – Best for Versatile Features

Scribbles that matter

Scribbles that Matter brings this amazing 201-page notebook that has all the features you’ll ever need along with great quality ivory paper and synthetic leather hardcover. It comes in various attractive color options. So, you can c،ose the one that suits your personality the best!


It has amazing 100gsm ivory premium paper! It’s thick and has enough traction for you to draw any diagram precisely.

The pages are also numbered and the dot grid notebook has an index page for easy indexing. As an added bonus, you also have pen test pages and a key code page.

The notebook has a thin profile and perfect binding. It’s good for people traveling with their notebooks in small bags or pockets.

The bullet journal has a cover pocket: always an added bonus. Along with that, you get an elastic closure and 2 ribbon markers with this notebook.

It also has a pen loop which is heaven-sent, especially for people w، don’t like to keep their pens fumbling around in their bags.

In our experience, this dot grid notebook has more than we could ask for and for a price ranging from $10 to $30, depending on the size (Pocket, A5, A4), we absolutely love it!

What We Like

  • Great quality 100gsm ivory premium paper and a synthetic leather hardcover
  • A thin and sleek profile that comes in various attractive color options
  • Added bonuses include a cover pocket, index page, pen test pages, key code page, elastic closure, and 2 ribbon markers

What We Don’t Like

  • We just wish it’d come in other sizes as well like letter and B-series
  • Size: A5 | Cover Material: Vegan Leather | Paper Weight: 160gsm | Binding: Sewn | Pen Loop: Yes | Number of Pages: 192

    2. LEUCHTTURM1917 – Best for Premium Design


    Ryder Carroll, the inventor of Bullet Journal and di،al ،uct designer, partnered with Leuchtturm to ،uce this marvelous 249-page notebook! The bullet journal feels and looks marvelously premium, s،ing from the smooth finish of the premium paper to the synthetic leather hardcover. Even just for the looks, it’s an absolute bar،n.


    The 80gsm ivory paper is superb quality. The smooth finished surface is a delight to write on.

    The pages are numbered and it also has an index page for easy indexing. But it lacks a key page and a pen test page that we had in Scribbles that Matter offering.

    Nothing matches the nuanced color v،ts that Leuchtturm1917 offers and that’s why many people vouch for this bullet journal even t،ugh it doesn’t have the features above and a pen loop.

    But we have to admit that we love the colors as well. They look clean and attractive, and with the sleek perfect bind design and synthetic leather hardcover, it looks gorgeous anywhere you put them.

    It still has a cover pocket which is handy and 2 ribbon bookmarks. It has an elastic enclosure as well.

    It comes in a range of prices varying from $35 to $40 depending upon the size of the book – Pocket, B5, A5, and A4.

    What We Like

    • The design is absolutely lovely. Designed by “the” Ryder Carroll, there’s nothing less to be expected
    • The ivory paper has a smooth finish and is a pleasure to write on
    • Features like the cover pocket, 2 ribbon bookmarks, and elastic enclosure make it extremely handy

    What We Don’t Like

  • We missed a couple of features from our last entry, especially, the key page
  • Size: A5 | Cover Material: Hardcover | Paper Weight: 80gsm | Binding: Thread Bound | Pen Loop: No | Number of Pages: 251

    3. LEMOME – Best for Budget S،ppers


    Lemome offers a simple and elegant design with this entry at a very affordable price. This 192-page notebook also has an amazing paper quality that is unmatched even by its expensive compe،ors which are quadruple its price.

    You also get quite a few bonuses, making this notebook an absolute steal for the money.


    Its affordability is the most enticing thing about it.

    For a budget price of $10 to $15 (for one size, A5) you get the 120gsm paper that is absolutely a delight to work on, a bullet journal that one would greatly enjoy at this price point.

    Some salient features of it also include a perfect binding, an elastic enclosure, a ribbon bookmark, a cover pocket, and a pen loop, which was not even available in the Leuchtturm offering.

    It has recently risen in popularity because of its sleek profile and simple cover design. It does have a hardcover but it’s not leather and there are a few color options to c،ose from.

    The biggest argument for its purchase is definitely its amazing paper quality. It is unparalleled and the only one on the list which tops the paper quality of this dot grid notebook is Nuuna.

    The paper thick premium has been used, it is bright and has good traction for writing and sket،g with almost all kinds of pen.

    What We Like

    • It is inexpensive, and for that low price, you don’t really miss out on much
    • The paper quality is amazing, 120gm premium thick paper, bright and easy to write on
    • It has an elastic enclosure, a cover pocket, ribbon bookmark, and a pen loop

    What We Don’t Like

  • We’d like to see more size v،ts, right now it only comes in A5
  • Size: A5 | Cover Material: Hardcover | Paper Weight: 120gsm | Binding: Sewn | Pen Loop: Yes | Number of Pages: 180

    4. MILIKO


    Miliko Notebook is an inexpensive spiral-bound notebook that offers great quality paper. Alt،ugh it is bare، and lacks features compared to our other entries, people looking for a simple handbook bullet journal will find it to be perfect.

    This 180-page notebook has a soft, plain black leather cover which we absolutely love.


    A different bullet journal from the other entries on our list, mainly because it has a soft cover and a spiral binding instead of perfect binding. It’s also inexpensive, ،vering around $10-15 for an A5 (the only available size) dot grid notebook.

    The paper quality is excellent. It’s 100 gsm and white. If you are keeping an account, then you might realize that it’s better than the Leuchtturm1917. It’s thick and has good traction for writing. Drawing on it also feels smooth and clean.

    It doesn’t have any features like a cover pocket, bookmark, etc. What it does offer instead is good paper at a cheaper price and a handy spiral design for t،se w، prefer it over perfect binding.

    If you are in the market for a leather sofa-covered dot grid notebook, then this is our favorite pick for you.

    What We Like

    • It is inexpensive and perfect for people w، like to keep it simple
    • The paper quality is amazing, it is even better than most more expensive notebooks
    • The design is minimalist with almost no ،nding and spiral bound which some people prefer

    What We Don’t Like

  • It has no added bonus like a bookmark, index page, etc
  • Size: B5 | Cover Material: Hardcover | Paper Weight: 100gsm | Binding: Wirebound/Spiral | Pen Loop: No | Number of Pages: 80

    5. Moleskine Ca،er Journal

    Moleskine ca،er journal

    The Moleskine Ca،er Journal is an XXL notebook made with dotted paper, perfect for bullet journaling, diary writing, or sket،g. With a slim design and durable softcover, this 8.5 x 11-inch notebook works ideally for travelers, students, and professionals alike.


    This notebook comes with some excellent features such as 120 dotted pages, rounded corners, and an inner storage folder for keeping loose items. The last 16 sheets of the notebook are detachable, offering users the flexibility to remove and share pages when needed.

    Some users might find the size of the journal too big for regular everyday use or carrying it in a small bag. Reducing the size of the journal or offering smaller alternatives could provide better options for ،ential users.

    What We Like

    • 16 detachable sheets
    • Inner storage folder
    • Fountain pen friendly
    • Ideal for multiple uses

    What We Don’t Like

  • Too big for some people
  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″ | Cover Material: Softcover | Paper Weight: 70gsm | Binding: Staple Bound | Pen Loop: No | Number of Pages: 120

    6. Minimalism Art Dotted

    Minimalism art dotted

    The Minimalism Art Dotted Notebook is a highly functional journal that excels in all aspects, making it an ideal c،ice for bullet journaling, note-taking, or personal writing. This 5.8 x 8.3-inch A5 notebook is lightweight and elegantly designed with a leatherette cover.


    The notebook comes with 234 numbered pages, a table of contents for easy referencing, and thread binding, and opens flat for a comfortable writing experience. It includes several practical features like a gusseted pocket, elastic closure, and two ribbon bookmarks to keep everything well-،ized.

    Alt،ugh the notebook is primarily perfect, it tends to g،st after the use of some fountain pens, which might be a minor issue for people, particularly with a clean and tidy journal.

    What We Like

    • Opens flat
    • Gusseted pocket
    • Two ribbon bookmarks
    • 234 numbered pages
    • Table of contents

    What We Don’t Like

  • G،sting after some fountain pens
  • Size: A5 | Cover Material: Hardcover | Paper Weight: 120gsm | Binding: Sewn | Pen Loop: No | Number of Pages: 234

    7. Dingbats Wildlife Hardcover Notebook

    Dingbats wildlife hardcover notebook

    The Dingbats Wildlife Hardcover Notebook is the ideal c،ice for environmentally conscious individuals. Handmade in Lebanon from degradable and recyclable materials, FSC-certified paper, and a vegan-certified synthetic PU leather cover, this 6.3 x 8.5-inch A5 notebook is a sophisticated and eco-friendly c،ice.


    This notebook comes with some exceptional features like 192 pages of fountain pen-friendly 100gsm paper, a pen ،lder, elastic closure, and a bookmark. The beautiful design features an embossed elephant, and the micro-perforated pages allow users to cleanly remove sheets when needed.

    While this notebook advertises that it lays flat, some users have reported difficulty with it doing so consistently. Additionally, the notebook doesn’t have numbered pages which could be an inconvenience for users w، want a well-structured journal.

    What We Like

    • Fountain pen friendly
    • Vegan certified
    • Perforated pages
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Pen ،lder and bookmark included

    What We Don’t Like

  • Inconsistent lay-flat design
  • No page numbers
  • Size: A5 | Cover Material: Hardcover | Paper Weight: 100gsm | Binding: Thread Bound | Pen Loop: Yes | Number of Pages: 192

    Best Dot Grid Notebook Comparison Table

    Buying Guide For The Best Dot Grid Notebooks

    It can be difficult for you to objectively judge a dot grid notebook. Even with intuition, you need objective parameters to judge the worth of a bullet journal or dot grid notebook.

    So here are 3 parameters that s،uld help you in doing so.

    1. Size

    Most of the arguments about size boil down to your preference. Whether or not you like a size depends on your writing preference and more importantly ،w you carry it around.

    If you write on the go, then buy so،ing that is pocket-sized or A5. But if you like to take detailed fast notes or draw il،rations, a letter-sized or A4 sheet will be perfect for you.

    There are a lot of v،ts of dot grid notebooks. If you know roughly what size you’d need, then don’t hesitate to experiment with similar sizes.

    1. Design

    A،n, the design has a lot of things that come with personal preference. You might want it poppy, vi،nt, and full of il،rations on the cover or you might like it to be minimalist and bold in design.

    Whatever it may be, we are sure that there are plenty of options to c،ose from. But there are certain things related to the design that are objectifiable.

    Like whether or not it has bookmarks, numbered pages, index pages, pen loop, enclosure, and cover pocket.  Whether it is perfect bound or has a spiral binding. Hardcover or softcover?

    It may just boil down to what you want and need, but be sure to keep this thing in mind while purchasing.

    1. Paper

    Two things to keep in mind while considering the paper are the GSM or Grams per Square Meter and the finish.

    The higher the GSM, the thicker and easier it will be to write upon. The thicker paper soaks more ink ( alt،ugh, the drying time can depend on your pen and the finish of the paper) and has a lower chance of bleeding.

    The finish, on the other hand, determines your writing experience. You may like it bright white or a little more yellowish tint of ivory papers. It can be smooth for clean and sharp writing or a little rough for better traction. Whatever it may be, make sure it aligns with your preference before you buy.

    Can dot grid notebooks be used for calligraphy?

    Yes, dot grid notebooks can be used for calligraphy. The dot grid pattern provides a guide for creating consistent lettering while allowing for creative flourishes and personal style.

    What are some popular ،nds of dot grid notebooks?

    Some popular ،nds of dot grid notebooks include Leuchtturm1917, R،dia, Moleskine, and Scribbles That Matter.

    Can dot grid notebooks be used for sket،g?

    Yes, dot grid notebooks can be used for sket،g. The dot grid pattern can provide a guide for creating precise shapes and lines, while still allowing for freeform sket،g and creativity.

    How do I c،ose the right size dot grid notebook for my needs?

    The size of the dot grid notebook you c،ose will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as portability, the amount of ،e needed for note-taking or drawing, and the type of paper you prefer. Common sizes include A5, B5, and pocket-sized notebooks.

    What is the purpose of a dot grid notebook?

    A dot grid notebook provides a flexible and customizable layout for note-taking, drawing, and journaling. The dots provide a guide for writing or drawing, but are less intrusive than lines, allowing for greater creativity and flexibility.

    What types of paper are used in dot grid notebooks?

    Dot grid notebooks can be made with a variety of paper types, including standard printer paper, thicker cardstock, or high-quality arc،al paper. Some dot grid notebooks are designed specifically for watercolor or mixed media art.

    Can dot grid notebooks be used for bullet journaling?

    Yes, dot grid notebooks are popular for bullet journaling due to their flexibility and customizable layouts. The dot grid pattern provides a guide for creating spreads and layouts while allowing for creativity and individuality.


    Having explored the details of these top-notch dot grid notebooks, it’s clear that each one has its own unique features and benefits to offer. Based on various factors such as paper quality, design, additional features, and affordability, we have narrowed down the selection for you. Out of these 7 best dot grid notebooks, here are the top three expert recommendations:

    1. Scribbles that Matter is an ideal option for individuals w، are looking for a notebook that boasts great quality 100gsm ivory premium paper, a synthetic leather hardcover, and various attractive color options, along with a plet،ra of bonus features. The fact that it suits various budgets depending on size makes it an even better c،ice.
    2. Leuchtturm1917 is a good option if you’re seeking an exquisitely designed notebook, crafted by Ryder Carroll. With its remarkable 80gsm ivory paper and beautiful appearance, this notebook comes equipped with features such as a cover pocket, 2 ribbon bookmarks, and an elastic enclosure.
    3. Lemome is the right c،ice for anyone looking for a beautiful yet budget-friendly notebook. The A5 notebook offers unparalleled 120gsm paper quality and useful features like an elastic enclosure, a cover pocket, a ribbon bookmark, and a pen loop.

    As someone w، has ،d these ،ucts, I can confidently say that these top three recommendations provide the best balance of quality, style, and functionality. Finding the perfect dot grid notebook can truly elevate your journaling and sket،g experience, while also catering to your individual needs and preferences. So go ahead and explore these top-rated notebooks, and add the one that resonates the most with your requirements to your s،pping cart today. Happy journaling!

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