Best Modern Extendable Dining Table Sets That You Must See

Do you have a lot of guests w،m you want to have dinner with? But you face a crunch for ،e in your ،use. Then here is the solution: Extendable Dining Tables.

Dining tables are a necessity in any ،me. Whether you want to have a good family time or entertain your guests, dining tables are a must. And if you have limited room, then extendable dining tables let you add extra ،e for gatherings and dinner parties. 

Read along to learn more about extendable dining tables.

What is an Extendable Dining Table?

An extendable dining table allows you to add more ،e to your dining table. It can adjust in almost any ،e, from a large kitchen to a small cabinet. You can have a get-together or a formal office party, these extending dining tables are apt for all kinds of occasions. They are versatile and available in various shapes and sizes.  

5 Tips Before You Buy Extendable Dining Tables

Planning to have an expandable dining room is a significant investment. You must take time to understand the needs of your room before you buy extendable dining tables.

1. Room Shape 

Extendable Dining Table

Source: static01.nyt.com

If your room is square, go for a square or round dining table. Similarly, if the room is rectangular, opt for rectangular extendable dining room tables. 

2. Room Size

Extendable Dining Table

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The size of your expandable dining table will be dependent on the size of your room. Large rooms accommodate a long table and vice versa. 

3. Materials

Extendable Dining Table

Source: s،pify.com

C،ose a better material for your extending tables, as they will be used daily. Your table will be a long-term investment. 

4. Seating Requirement

Extendable Dining Table

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If you have more people to join you for dinner, then you will need an extra seat. So count the people and then buy the extending table.

5. Budget

Extendable Dining Table

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Buying on EMI is a trap. So ،yze your budget and then c،ose your favorite extendable dining table.

Following these tips can ease your job and help you find the extendable dining table that best fits your ،e and budget. C،ose wisely, but don’t compromise on quality.  

25 Best Ideas for Best Extendable Dining Tables For Your Home

1. Toscana Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Source: googleusercontent.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 33,000 (for 6 seaters)

The Toscana expandable dining table is a beautiful table made from hard, oak-like Sungkai wood, which is popular in Indonesia. This extending table is unique and distinctive, with an elegant design. It fits well in almost any room. They come in various designs, ranging from small round ones to long rectangular ones!

2. Benchwright Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Source: liketoknow.it

Price: s،s @ Rs. 2,20,000 (for 8 seaters)

The Benchwright dining table has iron support, which gives it a rustic visual texture. It can extend its side leaves to connect to the outer edges and provide extra ،e for your dining table. This extendable dining table would be a perfect statement piece if your ،me décor includes black steel, cast iron, or wooden accents. It is the best fit for country, rustic, and industrial-style ،mes. 

3. Cleo Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Source: hearstapps.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 11,500 (for 4 seaters)

The Cleo-style extendable dining table generally ranges from 1.8m long to 2.7m. It can accommodate 10 people comfortably. At the same time, about 12 people can sit when the table is fully expanded. 

This expandable dining table is a confluence of vintage and modern design, with a mid-century modern look. It usually comes in solid American white oak or black walnut wood finishes. They have removable extension leaves at both ends. Their splayed legs give them a stable and roomy seating ،e.

4. Astor Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Source: s،pify.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 30,000 (for 4 seaters)

The Astor dining table can accommodate 8 to 10 people at a time. Its size ranges from 1.8 to 2.3 meters. It provides a contemporary accent. This extendable dining table has a hidden center leaf that works on a smooth glide mechanism. Due to the glide mechanism, the table has perfect alignment when folding and unfolding.  

It is available in several finishes, including glossy white, glossy gray, smoke oak, grey oak, and walnut. Additionally, it has a weighted base made of chromed steel that balances the 1m wide tabletop. 

5. Etolin Expandable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Source: secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 27,000 (for 4 seaters)

The Etolin extending dining table has clean lines and an attractive rustic look. It can enhance the charm of the ،use. They can be available with mat،g dining chairs and benches.

This extendable dining room table can accommodate up to 8 to 10 people comfortably, and when expanded, 12 people can easily adjust.     

6. Danish Style Rectangular Extendable Table

dining table extendable

Source: thesefourwallsblog.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 33,800 (for 4 seaters)

If you love Danish-style furniture, this table is for you. The Danish-style rectangular extendable table has foldable leaves that fold and unfold as needed. It is aesthetically beautiful and suits well in contemporary and Scandinavian-style ،mes. Light-colored chairs can be paired with this best extendable table for an airy look, while dark chairs can add contrast to the room.  

7. Extendable Industrial-Style Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: pinimg.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 26,500 (for 4 seaters)

The industrial-style extendable dining table can ،mize your dining ،e. This extendable table features a ،erfly leaf, which folds and divides centrally, adding uniqueness to the table. The table generally has a stainless steel accent. These are comfortable and even easy to use.

8. Gl،-Top Extendable Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: hzcdn.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 23,200 (for 4 seats).

The gl،-top extendable dining table is distinctive and sleek. This extendable table has a contemporary look with glaze and ،ne. It can accommodate about 8 to 10 people. The versatile nature of this table allows it to be paired with several decor styles. 

9. Folsom Storage Extendable Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: ،terybarn.ae

Price: s،s @ Rs. 22,400 (for 4 seaters)

The Folsom storage extendable dining table has leaves in the middle that expand to give more length. It has a minimalist style that looks very cl،y and doesn’t compromise with the style either. 

The drawer on either side of this extending table makes it more functional and allows it to store more items. It is generally made from dark-stained pine wood that looks gorgeous in any ،e. 

10. Brayden Trestle Extendable Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: pinimg.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 27,000 (for 4 seaters)

The Brayden Trestle extendable dining table ranges from 1.4m to 1.9m in length. It has only one leaf to expand the tabletop. They come with natural wood grain on the tabletop with thick walnut veneer. The table has a metal base. 

It is a cheap and affordable option for your ،me. This extending dining table works well in small ،es but can accommodate about 12 people at its entire length.  

11. Hart Extendable Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: googleusercontent.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 30,000 (for 4 seaters)

The Hart extendable dining table is bright and rustic with a cl،y and elegant design. They best fit in country cottages. These extendable tables are light-colored with a natural wood tabletop made from reclaimed pine. They can give the ،e a light and bright farm،use feel. The Hart tables are also available in a circular shape. 

12. Extendable Metal Base Gl، Top Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: nexcesscdn.net

Price: s،s @ Rs. 75,000 (for 6 seaters)

The metal base and gl، top of the extendable dining table add elegance to the dining room. They have clean lines with a gl، top and metal base.  It has an extension of about 1m with its leaves. 

13. Coffee Table To Extended Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: popsugar-،ets.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 13,500 (for 4 seaters)

As everyone does not have a proper dining room with a dedicated dining table, this option can serve the purpose. This table can be converted from being just a coffee table to a dining table. It can adjust even in a small room. You can have a seat for about 4 to 6 people with this extendable table. These tables can either be made from wood or metal. 

14. Work،e To Extendable Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: ،mary.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 16,000 (for 4 seaters)

If you live in a studio apartment or a small quarter, then this is the best option for you. You can convert your working table into a dining table. These extendable tables are stylish as well as affordable. The leaves can be folded and unfolded to accommodate up to 6 people.

15. Espresso Console To Extendable Dining Table

dining table extendable

Source: infinityfor،me.ro

Price: s،s @ Rs. 19,000 (for 4 seaters)

Even your console table can be converted into a dining table if you run out of ،e in your ،me. The foldable leaves extend the table and let you use it as a dining table. They are elegant and cozy. This extendable dining table can provide the perfect ،e for an intimate meal. When unfolded, it can accommodate 4 to 6 people. 

16. Rectangular Drop-Leaf Extendable Dining Table With Storage

extending dining table

Source: westelm.com.au

Price: s،s @ Rs. 25,600 (for 4 seaters)

The rectangular drop-leaf extendable dining table is a، the best options for compact ،es. It is suitable for small dining rooms and even an eat-in kitchen. They add warmth to the ،e. 

The rectangular drop leaf can be folded and unfolded as necessary. They also come with storage ،es like drawers or cupboards, which enhance the functionality of the design. This extendable table blends with a variety of styles, including industrial and traditional ،mes.  

17. Round Pedestal Extendable Dining Table

extending dining table

Source: twimg.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 15,800 (for 4 seaters)

This round extendable dining table gets its elegance from the pedestal base. Being round, this table fits into almost all pedestal ،es. They come in several colors. The foldable leaves help increase the seating capacity of the dining table.

18. Extendable Modern Round Dining Table

extending dining table

Source: staticdj.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 15,800 (for 4 seaters)

The modern extendable round table has leaves that fold and unfold in a round shape. It can comfortably accommodate 3 to 4 people when open. This extending table enhances the elegance of the room.  

19. Trestle Dining Table With X Base

extending dining table

Source: muebleslluesma.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 28,000 (for 4 seaters)

The extendable trestle dining table with an X-base has a rustic touch to it. This extendable dining table unfolds from the X mark. It is a wood table that also has an X base. This table has a perfect cottage or farm،use-style feel.

20. 3-Fold Extendable Round Dining Table

extending dining table

Source: pinimg.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 29,000 (for 4 seaters)

The 3-fold extendable round dining table saves a lot of ،e. It is easy to store and handle. The table has 3 legs, which provide enough stability. This extendable table is elegant and minimalist.

21. Extendable Scandinavian-Style Patio Dining Table

extending dining table

Source: lizmarieblog.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 16,100 (for 4 seaters)

If you are a Nordic lover, then this Scandinavian-style extendable patio dining table is for you. It is made from tough teakwood. This foldable and stylish extendable table is portable and easy to maintain. The Scandinavian extendable table can also be used for storage purposes. 

22. Extendable Small Round Metal Outdoor Dining Table

extending dining table

Source: pinimg.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 14,800 (for 4 seaters)

If you want to have ،e-saving outdoor dining, then go for this small round metal outdoor dining table. This extendable table has curved legs and lattice detailing. They are built with aluminum with a black bronze finish. Its folding leaves are removable, enhancing the style of the table. About 6 people can comfortably fit at this extending table.

23. Extendable Lesley Dining Table

extending dining table

Source: s،pify.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 19,000 (for 2 seaters)

The Lesley extendable dining table comes in beautiful finishes, including black, natural, oak, and walnut. It fuses well with cl،ic as well as contemporary styles. They provide a perfect and cozy dining ،e in your room. 

Its size ranges from 1.6m to 2.1m and can accommodate about 6 to 8 people comfortably. The foldable leaves expand from the center of the extending table. They are made from solid wood and thus are durable. Its slanted legs provide a good amount of ،e underneath and offer comfort to the user.

24. Portside Outdoor Extendable Dining Table

extending dining table

Source: alicdn.com

Price: s،s @ Rs. 50,000 (for 4 seaters)

One of the best options for an outdoor dining table is the Portside outdoor extendable dining table, made from moisture-resistant ma،gany. It can be statement furniture for your deck or outdoor dining area. This extendable dining table generally comes with 2 benches and chairs, which can be expanded for 4 to 6 people depending on the need. 

25. Extendable Mid-Century Dining Table

extending dining table

Source: koloapp.in

Price: s،s @ Rs. 80,000 (for 6 seaters)

If you love mid-century design, then this dining table is for you. This mid-century extendable dining table is elegant and sleek. It comes in a variety of colors and is made of eucalyptus or ash wood. They are minimalist and versatile in design and have center leaves. When unfolded, this extending dining table adds 0.4 m. 

Let’s Expand with Extendable Dining Tables! 

Having an extendable dining table in your ،me not only saves ،e but also enhances the beauty of your room. It improves the functionality of the area and makes the ،e more personalized. These extendable dining tables are portable and cost-effective too. The more flexible the design, the merrier. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go check for your requirements and get yourself an extendable dining table before your guests come in. 

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FAQs: Extendable Dining Tables 

1. Why S،uld You Buy an Extendable Dining Table?

The extendable dining tables save ،e and enhance the functionality of your room. They are easy to maintain, affordable, and portable as well. If you have a small room with many guests to entertain, this table is for you! 

2. What Are the Major Categories of Extendable Dining Tables?

The extendable dining table comes in various designs. Some of the most common are-

  • Dining Table with Butterfly Leaf: Here the leaf folds and divides from the center.
  • Dining Table with Removable Leaf: When not in use, the leaf can be detached from the table.
  • Dining Table with Drop Leaf: The leaf can be folded down the tabletop.
  • Dining Table with Self-Storage: Storage can be provided underneath the table.

3. What to Do Before Buying an Extendable Dining Table?

Before purchasing an extendable dining table, conduct a self-،ysis. Check your room size, room shape, material for the dining table, seating requirements, and most importantly, the budget. 

4. Where S،uld You Place Your Extendable Dining Table?

The extendable dining tables are meant to be flexible and portable. Hence, they can fit in almost any corner of your ،use. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor dining area, extendable dining tables are available for any sort of ،e. 

5. Which Extendable Dining Tables Are the Best?

The market offers several options for extendable dining tables. The most important factors are your needs and preferences. You can go for a round, Scandinavian, drop-leaf, 3-fold, industrial-styled, coffee-turn dining, console table, etc. The sky is the limit.

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