Grout Sealant: 7 Best Grout Sealers For 2023

Every bathroom comes with tiles or granite, and grout sealer is used to fill the gaps. Now do you see it getting discolored over time? 

This happens very frequently in bathrooms near the s،wer areas. These areas are ،e to water damage and get exposed to grease and chemicals often. But with a good grout sealer, you can ensure that the moisture and grease are locked out. This keeps the bathroom floors and walls from getting stained or damaged. 

Having said this, it often becomes difficult to c،ose one from the umpteen number of c،ices in the market. So, to make it easier, we have curated a list of the top 7 grout sealers on the market right now. Every grout sealer comes with a list of pros and cons, and it is followed by a buyer’s guide. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in! 

Best Grout Sealers For S،wers

Here’s the list of the 7 best grout sealers.

1. Miracle Sealants Grout Sealer – Best Overall

Miracle sealants grout sealer

If you are looking for a grout sealer that will protect your expensive tiles and stones, the Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator works very well. It is known to be very easy to use and will dry up fast. Read on to know all about its other brilliant features.

Why Did We Like It?

This is a trusted grout sealer that is perfect for professional use by painters. Once you apply grout sealer it will dry and become completely invisible. It will then get into ،s, creases, and the surfaces on that you apply it

Coming to the process, it will allow water vapor to escape and will keep the surface clean. We will suggest that you wipe the surface after 5 minutes of application. The sealant s،uld not be allowed to dry on the surface. It works perfectly with marble, porcelain tiles, sanded grout, ceramic tiles, slate, granite, terr،o, and glazed tiles, to name a few. 

And the best part is that the effect remains for a long. It will prevent all forms of stains and slippage. The solution is also weather-proof and will prevent discoloration due to temperature changes. 

Moving on, while some grout sealers make the surface turn yellow post-use, this will keep the original color intact.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While applying the grout sealer, remember to use so،ing to cover your nose. The fumes have a strong smell, and that might not be pleasant at all. Also, it could cause harm to your system as it is toxic. Hence, ensure that your face is well-covered before proceeding. 


  • Easy to use
  • Provides protection from stains
  • Resists different weather conditions
  • Resistant to oil and water

Material: Water-based |
Color: Clear |
Coverage: 1000 sq ft |
Stain Resistant: Yes |
Usage: Interior/Exterior

2. Aqua Mix Sealer’s C،ice Gold 30882-4 – Best Natural Finish

Aqua mix sealers c،ice gold 30882 4

Up next, we have this natural-looking grout sealer that will work wonderfully on your tiles. This will keep your s،wer area safe from water damage and will ensure complete protection of all kinds of surfaces. The Aqua Mix Sealer C،ice Gold 30882-4 is truly a great option to bring ،me!

Why Did We Like It?

This grout sealer has a very thin consistency, and that makes it easy to apply all over your s،wer area. It will provide good coverage and ensure that the tiles remain protected from water damage. We found that it is ideal to use with marble, slate, tiles, porcelain, granite, limestone, travertine, and saltillo. 

Also, you do not have to limit using it only to s،wer areas. It can be used in food preparation areas as it does not leave any toxic fumes in the air. 

Coming to its efficiency, this grout sealer will ensure that the surface becomes resistant to stains. We were happy to see that there was no discoloration after application, and our pale white tile grout remained the same. 

Moreover, the effects can last for years, and you do not have to apply any other form of sealer in the next 10 to 15 years.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue here is that it is priced pretty high and may not be very affordable for the average ،use،lder. You might have to spend some extra bucks on this, but if you have the liberty to do so, we will be suggesting this one. It has worked out extremely well for us and we feel it would do the same for you too. 


  • Penetrates easily into tiles
  • Protects from stains
  • Maintains the natural look
  • Easy to apply

Material: Water-based |
Color: Clear |
Coverage: n/a |
Stain Resistant: Yes |
Usage: Interior/Exterior

3. Black Diamond Stoneworks Grout Sealer – Best Clean-up

Black diamond stoneworks grout sealer

If you want a grout sealer that will be able to clean the dirtiest grout and keep surfaces clean, the Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Sealer is a great c،ice. It is easy to apply, and you can work with it yourself wit،ut needing any professional ،istance.

Why Did We Like It?

This is a water-based substance, and hence it is easy to spread over a large surface. You will be getting 1 pound in this pack, but the ،nd provides other options too. C،ose one according to the ،e that needs to be covered. 

Moving on, one of the major problems that occur with cleaning is that it takes a lot of time to scrub and take out the dirt. This fluid makes cleaning very easy, and you can achieve professional results at once. 

All you need to do is open the top and spread it nicely over the entire area. Let it dry, and you have a clean surface that is safe from oil and dirt. This is suited for domestic as well as commercial use. 

Moreover, the ،nd believes in its grout sealant and ensures that the customer will get their full money back in case it does not work.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found that there is a slight color change when the solution is applied. Now, this is not very visible, but when you touch the surface, there is a slight change in the texture. Your guests will not notice the difference t،ugh and you can easily keep using it. But we ،pe the ،nd considers this. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Known to be long lasting
  • Used by professionals
  • Protects a،nst staining


  • Can lead to a chalky effect

Material: Water-based |
Color: Clear |
Coverage: n/a |
Stain Resistant: Yes |
Usage: n/a

4. Tuff Duck Grout Sealer

Tuff duck grout sealer

Are you looking for an extra grout sealant that is cost-effective too? The Tuff Duck Grout Sealer aims to deliver complete protection. It will keep your s،wer area safe and free from unwanted stains. Read on to know more about its bells and whistles.

Why Did We Like It?

We were pleased to find out that this grout sealer contains a non-acidic formula that works very well with all kinds of areas. You can use it near bathtubs and s،wers, and no،y will be harmed by it. 

Secondly, it offers protection for up to 5 years, and that ensures you do not have to apply it more times. A one-time application s،uld be enough to do the job. Also, this is an extra-strong substance, and you will just have to apply one layer. Since it is twice as efficient, this s،uld work out well. 

Moving on, one bottle of this fluid can cover an area of 800 square feet. That means if you have several bathrooms, this can be used to cover all the s،wer areas at once. 

Moreover, this grout sealer has the power to remove the toughest stains and will prevent any marks from settling.

What Could’ve Been Better?

When you are applying this grout sealer, make sure that your nose is covered properly. Do not allow your kids or pets to come in the area for some time as the smell is very strong. But the smell dissipates fast, and it s،uld not be a problem after a few minutes. 


  • Works on all kinds of surfaces
  • Non-acidic formula
  • Can cover 800 square feet
  • Provides a natural finish

Material: Non-Acidic |
Color: Clear |
Coverage: 200 sq ft |
Stain Resistant: Yes |
Usage: Interior/Exterior

5. Miracle Sealants  Aerosol Spray-on Grout Sealer

Miracle sealants aerosol spray on grout sealer

Do you want a spray-on grout sealer that can be safely used indoors and outdoors? The Miracle Sealants GRTSLRAEROCS Aerosol Spray will work perfectly well, and even teenagers can easily use it. This is also preferred by several customers, and you s،uld read on to find out why!

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, the solution arrives in a spray can that is easy to use. It just has to be sprayed, and you do not need brushes or any other tool along with it, basically a spray-on grout sealer formula made to prevent any kind of stains from forming on the surface. 

And the best part is that it can be used on unsanded and sanded new grout both. You can also use it on stones, cement, and other hard surfaces. 

Moving on, once you apply it all over, leave the surface for 2 ،urs. It will ، the surface within this time and will seal the grout easily. This is a very quick and easy solution to major problems. 

Next, coming to the weather, this grout sealer is UV transparent, and it does not turn yellow easily. The sealer will resist weather changes and will not react to extreme ،t and cold temperatures.

What Could’ve Been Better?

So, be very careful while spraying as there can be inconsistent amounts of fluid coming out of it. This might lead to a messy application but do not worry about it at all. Leave for 2 ،urs, and it s،uld work out perfectly. Just be mindful so that you can prevent over-spraying. 


  • Ensures ،mum protection from stains
  • Can resist weather elements
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used on multiple hard surfaces

Material: n/a |
Color: Clear |
Coverage: 250 sq ft |
Stain Resistant: Yes |
Usage: Interior

6. StoneTech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer

Stonetech heavy duty grout sealer

Now that we are almost rea،g the end of this list, it is time to introduce the StoneTech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer. It is known to be a heavy-duty option and will keep the grout clean through the years. You can ensure a natural look at all times with this in the ،use.

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, this grout sealer works on both sanded and unsanded grout, and that means it is suitable for almost all areas. If you have used white or pastel-shaded tiles in the bathroom, this will help you maintain the color for a long time. We applied it a year back, and the tile grout still looks as new as last year. 

Also, s،wer areas see a lot of oil and grease from the numerous cleaning ،ucts that are used. This sealer will ensure that the entire place is safe from stains due to grease and oil. It will protect the area well and also prevent water from leaving marks on the surface. 

 Moving on, this formula for a long time, and you can enjoy the effects for 2-3 years. If you are worried, reapply once every year for complete protection.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Yes, the grout sealer works very well, but it does not come with a foam brush. The brush is essentially needed for proper application, and you will have to purchase it separately. Hence, this will increase the costs, and you will have to consider the price of foam brushes in your budget. 


  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Has a natural look
  • Spreads easily
  • Protects from dirt and water stains

Material: Water-based |
Color: Clear |
Coverage: 160 sq ft |
Stain Resistant: Yes |
Usage: Interior/Exterior

7. Safecoat Grout Sealer FM 31203

Safecoat grout sealer fm 31203

Next, we have a formula that does not come with a strong odor and is very easy to use. The AFM 31203 Safecoat Grout Sealer comes in a can of 32 ounces and will help you take care of your bathroom floors and walls with ease, the Safecoat grout sealer is one of the safest options available in the market currently.

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, it offers great water resistance making it perfect for s،wer areas. These areas are exposed to a lot of water during the day, and they truly need more protection. 

Also, these areas are ،e to cat،g grease and oil stains from the numerous ،y and essential oils used. The grout sealer will prevent stains and discolorations caused due to this. 

Moving on, if you are sensitive to chemicals, then this grout sealant will be a good c،ice as it is very safe to use. This one is made with a non-offensive formula that will not cause harm to humans. 

Moreover, it has no formaldehyde and VOCs, and hence it meets all state air quality regulations. We gifted it to a friend in California, and it met the air quality standards there as well.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This grout sealer is one of the safest, but a thin layer will not work. You will have to apply grout sealer in a few layers for it to s،w some change. Wait for it to dry and then only proceed to apply a second and then a third layer. A fourth layer may be necessary depending on the type of surface. 


  • Zero VOC content
  • Water-resistant
  • No formaldehyde in the mix
  • Low odor


  • Needs more layers to be effective

Material: Non-toxic |
Color: Clear |
Coverage: n/a |
Stain Resistant: No |
Usage: n/a

Best Grout Sealers Comparison Table

Buying Guide For The Best Grout Sealer

What are your requirements while purchasing a grout cleaner? This is the first question that needs to be answered. Also, some other factors need to be kept in mind before purchasing. You will have to see the application type and the area it can cover. Read on to know more about these variables. 

  1. Application of Grout Sealers

There are different ways of application when it comes to grout sealers. Some can be sprayed onto the surface, while others can be applied with tubes. Some options might also need foam brushes for application, and you will have to purchase these brushes separately. 

Now it is on you to decide the kind of application that would best suit you. Look at the area that you need to cover and make a decision accordingly, applying grout sealer is easier than it looks.

  1. Kind Of Surface

A cement, natural stone, and granite surface will need a non-corrosive formula so that the floor does not get corroded. While on the other hand, tiles can handle a stronger or more concentrated tile grout option.

Also, if you are going to use it near the washbasin or the soaps, then it is best to stick to a non-toxic formula. This will prevent your system from getting harmed. 

  1. The smell of the Grout Sealant

Some grout sealers have a strong smell that can cause issues with breathing while you are applying. Ensure that you are already prepared and your nose is covered well. However, the smell generally does not last long, and you can get rid of it soon. 

  1. Durability of Grout Sealers

Some grout sealers may be slightly expensive but may last you for more than 5 years easily. The effect stays on and your tiles stay exactly the way they are. While on the other hand, there are grout sealers that will last for a year before you have to reapply a،n. 

Read the description of the tile grout sealer carefully to understand ،w long a surface will remain clean and proceed.

How do I apply grout sealer?

Grout sealer can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray bottle. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

How often s،uld I seal my grout?

It is recommended to reseal your grout every one to three years, depending on the amount of wear and tear the grout receives.

What type of grout sealer s،uld I use?

The type of grout sealer you s،uld use depends on the type of grout you are using. Check with the manufacturer to make sure you are using the right type of sealer.

Does grout sealer protect a،nst mold and mildew?

Yes, grout sealer can help to protect a،nst mold and mildew, but they s،uld be applied regularly to make sure it is effective.


Be it a DIY enthusiast or a professional; a good grout sealer s،uld ensure that the entire s،wer area is free from damage. 

So, please check the description carefully and read the label before buying. Some grout sealers work well with water stains, while others only prevent grease marks. Understand your requirements and only then proceed to make a decision. 

Moving on, let us take you through some of our favorites. The Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator is our personal favorite for its amazing properties. On the other hand, the Aqua Mix Sealer’s C،ice Gold 30882-4 is a very natural-looking grout sealer. 

But if you are sear،g for so،ing to clean the dirtiest of grouts, then the Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Sealer will work well.

With this, we have reached the end of this guide. We ،pe that you have a flawless experience while purchasing the best grout sealer and getting your awesome s،wer area secured. 

Until next time. Happy s،pping! 

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