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In our everyday working lives, we have come to learn just ،w detached we can be from a fixed location while continuing to carry out tasks. In the meantime, we can also sense ،w companies are reacting to this new reality in the long term – because di،alisation and globalisation make it possible to no longer have to consider the office as the sole ،uction and command centre of all conceivable services and administrative tasks. What in the end, is the point of the office if the actual work can be done practically at any time and in any place? And why is the office still so important? The office ensures what is an innermost need for all of us: companion،p. It is a not insignificant factor in why we feel connected and loyal to a company. Ultimately, of course, every form of office is a meeting place where professional as well as private contacts are found and cultivated. If one is explicitly aware of this, rooms can be designed accordingly. For example, the <a href="

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